Elias C. J. Köhler, BVK



Elias C. J. Köhler is a Berlin based Cinematographer.
His desire and need to communicate visually, leads back to his teenagehood,
capturing everything that moves on his Mini DV camcorder.
After completing his media education, Elias continued to follow his passion, shooting countless music videos
and commercials for clients like Universal, Nike, VW, Smart, DB and many others.
However, his first love has always been cinema.
Besides his commercial work, Elias has equally been building his fiction career,
shooting TV series as well as award winning feature film projects such as Heikos Welt.
He works in close collaboration with the directors and always gives it his best to find the perfect visual language for each and every project.
Elias loves to create cinematic imagery which feel real yet always have a dream-like quality to them.
Of course, experienced with all formats, he especially loves to shoot on celluloid.